Use to publish SimplyHTML as maven artifact

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Use to publish SimplyHTML as maven artifact

Dimitry Polivaev

until now we pushed compiled SimplyHTML.jar and sources into our freeplane githib repository.
Now I changed is on branch 1.5.x . Creating a public maven repository and publishing it there is
pretty easy and allows us to remove compiled binaries from the source code repo.

So please everyone working on SimplyHTML register at and write me your user
name. I have created organization freeplane with repository freeplane there. Given your user names I
can add you to this organization so that you can publish new compiled versions.

Publishing can be automated if we change SimplyHTML build to gradle or maven. But even now it is
pretty easy using repository internet page

 From here you can create upload files with names


to path


(the version numbers in file names and in the path should be set accordingly to your new version

Our freeplane build.gradle is already configured to use repository

maven { url "" }

and artifact