Short cuts for simplyhtml / Kent's simplyhtml features

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Short cuts for simplyhtml / Kent's simplyhtml features

Felix Natter
hello Devs,

> Felix is implementing scalable icons (svg),
> synchronized map views, non modal editors and short cuts for simply
> html are on my to do list

Please consider that Kent has already done work on simplyhtml, which
should be merged (to master branch, but after stable branch creation,
see below) and integrated into Freeplane:

Also, I think we should

(a) create a "fp1.5-stable" (or similar) branch in simplyhtml repo, in
    case we need to fix things for 1.5.x (and use simplyhtml-0.16.x for
    such fixes, and simplyhtml-0.17.x for Freeplane 1.6.x features)

(b) Integrate these features only on freeplane's 1.6.x branch

Do you agree, what do you think?

Cheers and Best Regards,
Felix Natter