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Printing in Freeplane on Linux/UNIX

Felix Natter
hello Devs,

there are several problems with our printing functionality on Linux
(on Windows it seems to work ok with PDFCreator):

- no A4 selection (also on Windows?)
- does not allow to select output file for i.e. Cups PDF printer
  (might be a general cups-printer-driver-pdf issue)
- Postscript/PDF output: raster artifacts, font rendering unusable
  (but preview looks good so it seems fixable)
- not sure about Mac OS X, but I think it uses cups, so it could
  be affected, too

We are currently using the Java1.2 priting classes (java.awt.print.*),
while java3 or java4 introduced some improvements (javax.print.*).
(but I don't think this affects the core printing).

I am working on fixing this, but it will probably take some time.

Cheers and Best Regards,
Felix Natter