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New node edge coloring

Dimitry Polivaev

I have implemented a new logic for branch coloring on branches 1.4.x and 1.5.x . As always it is
just a suggestion that means I can revert or rework the changes if required.

The new logic works as follows:

Instead of check box there is a new drop-down box for automatic edge color strategy with values
'disabled', 'on branch creation', 'for columns' and 'for branches'.

'on branch creation' means the old behavior when the check box was checked, but the color is taken
from the level style (first node index in branch modulo number of level styles)

'for column' means that edge color is determined by its distance relative to the root node,
'for branch' acts like 'on branch creation' but the color is changed when branches are reordered.

When the drop down box value is different from 'disabled' edge colors from automatic level styles
are not applied directly if automatic level styles are used.

This requires configuration of edge colors in preferences no more.