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Milestones for issues

Dimitry Polivaev
In the new issue tracker we can define milestones for issues.
Currently I have defined three of them:

* Current release
* Next release
* Postponed

"Current release" means that the fix should be done on the bug fix branch (currently 1.3.x) and
merged into the next release branch (currently 1.4.x)
"Next release" means that the fix should go only in the next release branch (currently 1.4.x)
"Postponed" means that the issue is not in work now.

Please use this status to communicate and track current status of the releases.

In my eyes next stable bug fix version should be usually released only after all bug and feature
issues labeled as "Current release" are fixed. I know that there are some limitations because of
debian feature freeze. In this case we could want to make an exception, and it should be discussed
on this list.