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Freeplane road map

Dimitry Polivaev
Volker, Felix and me agreed on the following road map and version numbers:

1. Git branch 1.3.x is reverted to the state before the last changes (without push --force).
2. All changes on branch 1.3.x are moved to new git branch 1.5.x .
3. We create a new intermediate Freeplane release version 1.5.x containing the last set of changes.
4. The Freeplane XML version for this release is set to 1.5.0 .
5. Freeplane version 1.4.x shall not be released.
6. We are allowed to cherry pick our improvements from branch 1.4.x to branch 1.5.x .
7. We switch Weblate (translation server) to track branch 1.5.x .
8. Coming Version 1.5.x should go through usual release cycle with alpha, beta and RC versions up to
release. Currently it is considered alpha.
9. We also create a new git branch 1.6.x to continue to work on ribbons.
10. Freeplane version with ribbons and clones currently contained on branch 1.4.x is Freeplane 1.6.x .

I have already pushed reverts on branch 1.3.x and new branch 1.5.x containing all reverted changes
from 1.3.x to github.