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[Freeplane-developer] Scripts in Conditions

Dimitry Polivaev
Hello Volker,

I have some questions regarding scripts

1. Why do we need option ScriptResources.CACHE_COMPILED_SCRIPTS ? What is the reason to have it to
be false? It looks like it it is false by default. Does it make sense?

2. Setting this option to false makes evaluation of script condition much too slow because now
scripts are compiled all the time for every single condition check. Should we disable this option
just for the scripts used in conditions or generally?

3. It looks like org.freeplane.plugin.script.filter.ScriptCondition accepts only GroovyScript.
Shouldn't it be changed ? Could you do it? I suggest that we have do it together in a short remote
pair programming session.

IMHO there should be no beta release until we clarify these issues.

Best regards, Dimitry

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