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[Freeplane-developer] Dependencies + Linux packages

Felix Natter

can we agree to discuss the pros and cons of each additional (jar)
dependency (or new versions of existing jars) before we use it to
develop new features?

I'll try to package trident, flamingo and substance (needed for ribbons)
in the latest versions for Debian, but this may not easily be possible
for all libraries, due to licensing issues (Debian!) or other packages
depending on the current version of the package. Also, we should prefer
deps that are actively maintained.

Finally, packaging (and making sure that Freeplane works with the
dependency versions) is quite a lot of work.

If we add too many dependencies then I may not be able to continue
maintaining the Debian package. Similar things might be true for
Hartmut's Mageia package or the Arch Linux package.

Best Regards,
Felix Natter

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